Class Structure

Our lineage believes the real understanding of Wing Chun is in the forms, particularly in Siu Nim Tao (Little Idea Form).
Emphasis is therefore on the study of the forms and it’s applications.

Exercises include form corrections, resistance against form movements to test validity, and Chi-Sau.  Emphasis is placed on body structure, relaxation, and joint rotations.

Applications include generating and overcoming force, kicking, punching, and counter strikes.
Our applications are based on effectiveness rather than simply copying the look of applications from books or movies.

Wing Chun Path aims to provide a friendly training environment.
Aggression, intimidation, or bullying is not tolerated.


The Australian Wing Chun Federation grading system is used by Wing Chun Path.
Gradings are informal and do not attract grading fees. 
Gradings are awarded to students when they have obtained the necessary skills for that grade.


Clean comfortable clothing, i.e. kung-fu/track pants, board shorts
Clean flat sole shoes. 
Note: Wing Chun is a close-contact art so please ensure personal hygiene is maintained.

Class Locations

Rockingham, The Arena
Tuesday 7.00 – 8.00 pm,


TypePer Hour
Standard Class$20.00
Standard Private **$100.00
WCP Students **$80.00
Senior WCP Students **$60.00

Membership & insurance: $50.00 pa

** Private Classes available evenings/weekends by appointment