We are a group of people that enjoy learning and practicing Wing Chun in a friendly environment. Many of us have other martial art backgrounds, while some of us have clean slates to work from.

The name Wing Chun Path refers to our journey in the martial arts.
Wing Chun is the path we take on that journey.
– Gary King

The founding member and principle instructor is Gary King. Our assistant instructor is Ana Sequeira. Both have been practicing martial arts for decades.

Gary considers Chu Shong Tin’s follow up visits to Australia during the 1990’s as a turning point in his understanding of Wing Chun. Several trips to his school in Hong Kong helped refine this understanding.

The idea of opening his own school had been suggested to Gary several times over the years. It was only after the sad passing of his sifu, Jim Fung, that this idea was considered seriously.

Ana Sequeira trained in Classical Yang Style (Shaolin) Kung Fu for several years in Portugal, enjoying the beautiful and physically demanding movements of both its empty hand, and its weapons forms.

I now know that Kung Fu is not a subject we learn or complete (e.g., as in achieving a degree or sash). Kung fu is continued practice through (a long period of) time, and that is what I will keep doing.
– Ana Sequeira

Upon moving to Australia in 2009, Ana was initially skeptical of Wing Chun and its lack of outward beauty. However, after discovering Wing Chun’s internal beauty and power, she has been practicing dilegently ever since.

Ana had the great fortune to visit Chu Shong Tin in Hong Kong before he passed away. A treasured memory for her was feeling how such a frail looking old man could generate such free flowing unstoppable power.

Gary and Ana maintain close contact with their Kung Fu family in Australia and Hong Kong and continue to practice and teach as taught by their lineage. A lineage they are immensely grateful and proud to be part of.

Yip Man –> Chu Shong Tin –> Jim Fung –> Gary King –> Ana Sequeira