Welcome to Wing Chun Path

Wing Chun Path is a kung fu school located in Rockingham, south of the city of Perth, Western Australia.

The principle instructor has been practicing Wing Chun since 1986 and has 30 years of teaching experience to help guide you on your journey in kung fu and self discovery.

What is Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a southern Chinese martial art based on concepts such as ‘simplicity’, ‘practicality’ and ‘directness’.

Ip Man practicing on the wooden dummy.

A front on stance is used in form practice to direct body mass and forward attacking to the opponents centre.
Front on and switch stance is also favoured in application to allow equal use of both arms and legs.

Another important principle of Wing Chun is ‘minimum use of brute strength’. This is achieved through natural body structure, rotational forces and releasing tension in muscles and joints.

With a correct structure the body can utilise its combined mass in a coordinated effort. When tension is fully released this mass can flow freely, at will, to any part of the body.

The Wing Chun way is broad and deep.
Persistent pursuit can keep your core fit.
Once techniques reach the true and utmost pinnacle.
Power roars like river and sea, day and night.
– Chu Shong Tin

Our Wing Chun

Being of the Chu Shong Tin lineage we place emphasis on correct structure, releasing tension, and mind-body connection.

The empty hand forms, particularly Siu Nim Tao, are practiced often and diligently as a means to finding the correct state of mind and body.

This approach, besides nurturing powerful movements, improves mind and body awareness, concentration, posture and general health.

In order to really know Siu Nim Tau and feel its power, one must practise Siu Nim Tau repeatedly and persistently for a long period of time.
– Chu Shong Tin

Our application is based on effectiveness rather than simply copying the look of applications from books or movies.

We have some similarities with Tai Chi in our approach, yet we still enjoy our kicking and punching. Those that wish to can also enjoy contact sparring, which can help build realistic confidence in skills.